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Transport & Mobility

Your digital accelerator for next generation mobility ecosystems

We are developing tailored transport & mobility solutions powered by cutting edge emerging technologies. We create a competitive advantage for your business.

Co-Creating smart mobility ecosystems

What if…

customers don’t have to invest a lot of time and energy to configure and order your dream car?

What if…

engines know about their condition and predict issues way before they cause damage?

What if…

AI supports airport customer support so that your baggage does not get lost anymore?

What if…

applied artificial intelligence automates & optimises vehicle classification and enables new business models?

How we work – Procedure

We combine Emerging Technologies, Large Scale & Agile Software Development, deep individual software development experience with a young, talented and agile minded team.

Think about a train …
1. Rapid prototyping

Start small, accelerate quickly – We build trust by delivering first solutions within a short period of time.

2. We scale teams

Like wagons at a train we can attach and detach teams with required skills to the project needs in order to deliver the required solution that fits current demands.

3. Knowledge and skills matter

Like passengers boarding and unboarding a train we adapt teams by making sure required knowledge and skills are available on demand.

4. Progress in iterations

Like a train reaches it’s final destination by passing station by station, we deliver working software increments iteration by iteration.

Actions speak louder than words!

Schedule an appointment, we’re happy to hear your vision and to show you inspiring demonstrations. Let’s get to know each other. Start a small icebreaker project and learn how a strategic partnership can help your business grow.

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