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All about segments

The right place for your project.

Overview image for segment strategic partnerships

Achieve goals faster with a strong partner

Overview image for segment emerging technologies

Develop The Digital Future

Overview Image of Transport&Mobility

Co-creating next generation mobility ecosystems

Overview image for segment space

Boldly Go Where Nobody has Gone Before

More of our segments will be published soon.

Why do we have segments?

There are special needs for every challenge.

Individual projects require individual knowledge. We at Catalysts use segments to aggregate like-minded talents in order to share experiences and knowledge across resembling projects. Our connected mindset allows us to give valuable insights into risks, costs and opportunities of any challenge at an early stage. As an entrepreneur facing the ongoing digitalization you have a stable partner with experts in many fields.

As a teammate, on the other hand, you are surrounded by kindred spirits you can grow with. You are encouraged to share your learnings and to gain knowledge from others – within your segment as well as company-wide. Segments aren’t departments, but a means of coming up to the specific needs of implementing custom software solutions.