2.5 The Chapter Summary

summary It’s the end of the second month, the end of the second chapter. The theme of the blog posts was “Values”. Let me put them in context once more.

In “2.1 Values in Agile and Lean Software Development” I explained that agile practitioners think of values as priorities while lean practitioners strive to deliver customer value.

In “2.2 Our Approach to Mindfulness” I described how the right set of policies enables mindful behaviour which can be supported by the right techniques to have a mindful state in a lot of situations.

In “2.3 Sleeping Well as Our Uber Value” I described why we’ve always been on the lookout for more and more safety nets. Driven by our uber value we’ve established a lot of good practices.

In “2.4 The Best Approach to Sort Out One’s Values” I briefly explained Patrick Lencioni’s approach to divide values in four different kinds and how to identify the core values of an organization.

In total, all those approaches give us a solid grounding and establish a lot of trust. That makes it much easier to collaborate with each other, to delegate work, to rely on each other, or to help each other out.

The topic of the next month, the next chapter, will be: “Our Lucky Charm”

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2.4 The Best Approach to Sort Out One’s Values
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3.0 Our Lucky Charm

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