3.5 The Chapter Summary

It’s the end of the third chapter which was about our “Lucky Charm” to deliver projects on time and on budget every time.

In “3.1 The Best Heads” I described how we find the right people for the challenges that we want to solve for our clients.

In “3.2 Do the Right Thing” I explained some of the techniques that help us to address risks early on and to decide whether or not to engage.

In “3.3 Do it Right” I wrote about the many things we’ve learnt from Uncle Bob and why it’s important to wash our hands regularly.

In “3.4 Company-Wide Learning” I explained how to implement strategy, structure, and process in order to ensure that everybody consciously learns from the experience, and shares what he or she has learnt. As a team and a team of teams, we keep learning quicker than many other organizations.

In total, all those ideas, methods, and techniques and our discipline should get us to the goal to reliably deliver projects on time and on budget.

Why “should”? Because you always have to watch out, be mindful and vigilant.

One important reason why we’ve written up all those practices is that we see our “Lucky Charm” as yet another safety net: if there ever is a deviation, if we don’t stick to our rules, every team member can raise the issue. And he/she will be heard. And we will work as a team to get back on track.

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3.4 Company-Wide Learning
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