5.4 The Chapter Summary

It’s the end of the fifth chapter which was about coding contests.

In “5.1 The Origins of the Catalysts Coding Contest” I described how it all started, how we tried to set up the rules such that we could collect data to substantiate our hypothesis that TDD and Pair Programming are better.

In “5.2 The CCC in Numbers and Our Learnings” I showed how the coding contests developed from 50 to 1,000 participants and what we’ve learnt along the way.

In “5.3 The Challenges of Our Contests” I wrote about the problems that the participants have to solve, how we come up with them, and how we make them fit into our setup.

Over the years, thousands of software developers have participated at our coding contests. Many of the best coders have joined our team, both in Austria, and in Romania. We have turned those contests from an academic hypothesis into a coding festival that has helped us grow.

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5.3 The Challenges of Our Contests
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6.0 The Theory of Constraints

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