7.4 The Chapter Summary

This is the end of the seventh chapter, which was about The Catalysts Way of Information Sharing.

In “7.1 Blending Online and Offline” I outlined how we get people to share more information online by having various offline meetings. We get more attention by repeatedly talking about success stories, implemented ideas, etc. in real life.

In “7.2 Our Different Formats for Information Sharing” I wrote about how to make sure that information actually is shared with the right frequency among the right people.

In “7.3 The Power of Open House Events” I explained how organizing open house events can transform your workforce into great storytellers and enthusiastic actors.

Over the years, those many initiatives, techniques and practices have resulted into a lot of shared knowledge and wisdom. We don’t just do our work. If you know that you’re soon going to demonstrate your results to a stranger, you stop and reflect from time to time.

And that’s so important for getting better at whatever you do.

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7.3 The Power of Open House Events
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8.0 Our Workplace

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