8.5 The Chapter Summary

This is the end of the eighth chapter, which was about how we organize our physical workplaces for collaboration within the team, across locations, and with our clients.

In “8.1 Three Locations – Three Styles” I wrote about what it takes to make space an enabler and not an obstacle to collaboration.

In “8.2 On-Site Customer or On-Site Team” I explained why we are flexible about where to meet for 2-3 days per week.

In “8.3 Desk Rotation” I described why and how we established our way to determining who sits where.

In “8.4 Remote Collaboration with CatPhones” I reasoned about the challenges of distributed agile software development and how they led us to develop our own pragmatic solution for remote collaboration.

Even though the title of the chapter is so physical, we concern ourselves more with the non-physical aspects like how to foster an environment for collaboration.

We’ve been working hard on the challenges of dispersed workplaces, hence we function as one team from Germany, over Austria, Romania, France, to Nepal. That’s why we have no worries about our future growth, maybe even on another continent? We’ll keep you updated

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8.4 Remote Collaboration with CatPhones
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