1.5 The Chapter Summary

summaryIt’s the end of the first month, the end of the first chapter.
The theme of the first couple of blog posts was “How it all started”, so let me put them in context once more:

In “Finding the Name in Self-Defence against Burnout and Suicide” I motivated why I wanted a healthy environment for myself which I chose to call Catalysts. Initially the environment just needed to be fine for me, over time, hundreds of people have enjoyed it and thousands are to come. By now, Catalysts has earned the title of best employer in Austria a couple of times already (see kununu.com).

In “Agile ⇔ Waterfall, or I didn’t mean it that way” told the story of XP, Scrum and Lean, how I found my niche and that the alleged inventor of the waterfall process didn’t mean it bad. Still we have to keep fighting the waterfall beast, again and again.

In “Four Tests to Grow as an Agile Software Developer” I showed you 4 tests by thought leaders. They have been the motivation for us over years to keep improving since it’s not easy to reliably deliver working software on a fixed-price basis.

Finally, in “Two More Pillars For Success”, I talked about how I came to appreciate the schools of thought of Robert Kiyosaki and Eli Goldratt. Together the two have become an important grounding for what developed out of me becoming self-employed.

In terms of history, we have covered the precursors to Catalysts or the first few months.

The topic of the next month, the next chapter, will be: “Our Values

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1.4 Two More Pillars For Success
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