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Currently, a course on Gamification on Coursera is running.

The course consists of 6 weeks, each with two topics, each with 5-6 videos.

I’ve prepared mindmaps (with Freemind) of those videos – feel free to have a look at them or enhance them:

  1. What is Gamification?
  2. Games
  3. Game Thinking
  4. Game Elements
  5. Psychology and Motivation (I)
  6. Psychology and Motivation (II)
  7. Gamification Design Framework
  8. Design Choices
  9. Enterprise Gamification
  10. Social Good and Behavior Change
  11. 11. Critiques and Risks
  12. 12. Beyond the Basics
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I cant open your mind maps, I just get into an endless loop of ‘browse’ -> download ->cant open -> nowwhere.

any suggestions? my operating system is Windows XP pro.

Ive used Freemind for a previous project I was working on.

Thank you, Kathleen


@Dr. Kathleen Cusick
Hello Kathleen,
you might want to try the latest version 0.9 of FreeMind.
Best regards,


Thanks for sharing your hard work, ill integrate these with my own. I’ll share them later on as well (they are messy as of yet)


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