Doka OneGo

Top row (from left to right): Lukas Loibl, Gerhard Niephaus, Markus Oppeneiger
Center row (from left to right): Julia Aigner, Franz Wöginger, David Eibensteiner
Bottom row (from left to right): Bernhard Wieser, Matthias Distelberger, Friedrich Steinberger, Patrick Ottenschläger

Formwork software from Catalysts successfully in production at Doka

Doka designed a new lightweight formwork system for concreting walls and slabs all at once – at one go. Therefore they developed the hardware including all the panels and accessories for the reusable formwork system. The challenge for Doka is that the whole formwork has to be planned and optimized in short time, after receiving the order and starting work at construction site. It was no alternative for Doka to do the individual design for a formwork set manually, because it is time-consuming and expensive.

The Catalysts Solution

Catalysts implemented algorithms for automatic and optimized placement of formwork panels. For this purpose, we implemented several DokaCAD Plugins which integrate in the DokaCAD environment including the 3D models of the buildings. The 3D building model handling and formwork management was developed by proGON, another project partner.

Main benefits for Doka

  • Rapid planning of the formwork system, saving time and money of constructors
  • 3D preview of the formwork system
  • directly in AutoCAD – valuable for both, Doka and their customers
  • Different optimization criteria and instant comparison of different solutions
  • Generate parts list automatically
  • Generate on site construction plan automatically
  • Automatic error detection, e.g. unstable formwork construct


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