From Chatbots to Catbots. Will we communicate differently?

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Communication has changed drastically since chats like Skype, Slack, etc. were born and used. In many businesses, one person runs over 30 communication lines simultaneously every day. What used to take several weeks 15 years ago, can be done before the lunch break and next to other tasks. Unfinished sentences, a mix of different languages, emojis, dialects and slang, are enough to reach our goals today and that makes fun.

We could fulfill even more tasks in a shorter time frame, but we still have to deal with communication-blockers. Take the example of companies, institutions and authorities with enormous websites and vast amounts of information. Who is able to find what he or she needs? I usually can’t…


Catbots our future friends and helpers

For some it’s still just an idea, a vision, or the next big fad. We think differently. Firstly, at Catalysts we call them “CatBots”. They are neither a fad, nor just a phantasy. They are reality and we use them to make everyday life easier.

Chatbots, as the name suggests, are widely used in customer service positions on websites, call centres, etc. That means instead of a person, you are actually typing your question and the answer is generated by a software in the background. So far with only mediocre results…
But those “bots” are getting intelligent only if you know how to handle them and from now on they can even talk.
You have probably seen adverts on Google Home or Amazon Alexa. These hardware solutions can already provide many answers to general questions. If you know how – you can develop their knowledge even further.

Let’s take an example. I can currently ask our CatBot where I sit (we change seats every week, so this comes in handy on monday mornings). I can ask it to tell me if my colleague is in a meeting, does home office, etc.
There are numerous updates on a weekly basis for internal procedures and infos around Catalysts. Christian, one of our CEOs, actually does not handle his calender himself, nor does an actual secretary. If you write him an email and ask if he wants to go for a beer with you in the next days, it’s his virtual assistant you’re going to be in touch with. Didn’t even notice it? Try it! No worries, the virtual assistant is still not capable of drinking beer for Christian. 😉

But our CatBot does not stop here. We ask it to tell us when the next bus is leaving in front of our office, which meeting room is available,  we can ask what we can have for lunch in a certain area around the office on a specific day, reserve parking spaces for clients, rent a car. Today we are in a position to find the right file in a 100 GB directory with several hundred thousand files in a fracture of a second. Let’s see where the journey is going to take us.

Want to live the life of a millionaire?

How do you imagine a millionaire’s life? It’s probably a life without having to work anymore, having people around that organise and manage everything, right?

Now let me tell you that chatbots are on the way to make you live like a millionaire by automizing communication.
Imagine yourself sitting on your couch at home saying to your artificial intelligence “Alvina, I want to go on a short skiing holiday over weekend with my friends within the next 3 weeks. If the weather’s going to be nice – maybe even until monday. Arrange that.” (Alvina, being the AI and your friends being Sammy, Polly and Matthew)

Sammy receives the message and since he also owns a chatbot, he just answers: “Of course. I like that. My calendar is up to date”.
Same happens at Polly and Matthew.
Since the chatbots know what their favorite locations for skiing are, how the whole group likes to travel, which budget they usually have – everything is coordinated and booked.

With a simple phrase like: “arrange that” the process is kicked off.

  • The term “arrange” stands for scheduling, finding a location, looking for transport and accommodation and to stay on budget.
  • In a future with a great coverage of AI’s “arrange” might be the trigger for new topics.

You got it. The possibilities are endless. All you need is the right vision and the right partner to make it reality. What is your vision?

Get in touch with us today!

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