Running Eclipse on Windows 7 64 bit

Yesterday I’ve kicked Vista out of my machine and installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Installation was very smooth on my Lenovo T61p, the only driver I had to install manually was the one for the graphic device.

Then I came to the point to install all the applications and frameworks that I need for development. Of course I wanted to install the 64 bit versions whereever possible, and so I did for Java:

You can install the 64 bit version of Java 1.6 directly from the Sun Homepage, they ask you about your operating system, no problems there.

Next point was then to install Eclipse 3.5, but for any reason the only have one common version for Windows at the Eclipse Download Page. I’ve downloaded that one, tried to start Eclipse and failed. The reason was that the included SWT DLL only works on 32 bit architectures.

Therefore I got back to the official download page and searched for a 64bit version of the Java EE Bundle (I always use that cause it already includes all the plugins for web development). Unforunately, I couldn’t find one, so I browsed to the quite hidden download page that lists all the builds of the current development at There you can choose a 64 bit version, but that’s not the Java EE bundle.

Anyways, I downloaded that and unzipped it (be careful to not have blanks in the path where you install Eclipse, cause that won’t work as well) and then I manually all the plugins from the Galileo page ( for Web, XML and Java EE Development.

Together with the Apache Tomcat 6.0.20 installation (there is no specific 64bit version there), everything works fine now.

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  • I encountered the same problem when Eclipse 3.5 was released and I asked the Eclipse development team why there is no 64Bit Windows JEE package, they told me because there were no persons available for testing it. See and for more Info

    The solution for me was to install Classic SDK 64Bit Version and the JEE 32 Bit version. Unpacked the JEE package and afterwards unpacked the Classic 64Bit SDK in the same directory – that saves you from installing all the plugins manually one by one.

    15.09.2009 , Thomas Einwaller
  • Uups, the other bug entry I meant was

    15.09.2009 , Thomas Einwaller
  • thank u a lot! u rescued me because i wasnt able to find eclipse 64bit for win(7) on the eclipse page

    15.09.2009 , arda
  • well … eclipse 😉

    17.09.2009 , Harald Radi
  • Thank you very much. I used Thomas‘ way to set the JEE and Eclipse 3.5 on Windows 7 (64 bit).

    06.11.2009 , qwang
  • Thank you. I had the exact same eclipse JEE download problem with Windows 7 x64. I added the plugins after I found the x64 version of classic eclipse. It worked.

    16.12.2009 , Craig Hunt
  • It worked even for a newbee

    23.01.2010 , Mike Javadi
  • „…then I manually all the plugins from the Galileo page“ Ahhh…that is that little nugget of information I needed to get going.

    I’m mostly on a Mac, and was kinda surprised by the fact it is not trivially easy to get Windows 7 64-bit + Java + Eclipse going. Frustrating.

    Anyways, thanks. You are my hero for the day.


    29.01.2010 , Stu Thompson
  • Instead of going to that „secret website“, one could simply download the latest stable bundle of Eclipse SDK for any Windows 64bit from the following link:

    05.02.2010 , Mohammad
  • Thank you Thomas,It worked. You saved me lots of headache and time.

    18.02.2010 , Liju Augustine
  • Thanks It works great.

    11.03.2010 , VK
  • I have a windows 7 64bit laptop with core i7. I have installed the Helios Eclipse package and jdk 6 update 22. I also set eclipse to run as administrative user. Eclipse starts up fine but when I try to run or debug a very simple hello world app i get following error…“launching has encountered a problem. Exception occurred executing command line. Cannot run program javaw.exe in directory c:workspace: CreateProcess error=5, Access is denied.“ any ideas anyone?

    15.09.2010 , Ash
  • thanks… man… it really worked for me…

    24.09.2010 , Fahim
  • Hi
    I have installed Eclipse IDE for C/C++ (64-bits). I am trying to run Hello program. but it gives me an error:
    **** Build of configuration Debug for project Hello ****

    **** Internal Builder is used for build ****
    g++ -O0 -g3 -Wall -c -fmessage-length=0 -osrcHello.o ..srcHello.cpp
    Internal Builder: Cannot run program „g++“ (in directory „C:Documents and Settingsdpatelworkspace_DarwinHelloDebug“): CreateProcess error=5, Access is denied
    Build error occurred, build is stopped
    Time consumed: 31 ms.

    I couldn’t find the solution for it although rest of setting is ok.
    Any hint?
    Please let me know. thanks in advance.

    08.12.2010 , dhaval
  • ok

    24.12.2010 , nazmul hossain

    1. INSTALL JDK 32 bits OR X86
    3. BE SURE THAT Path and JAVA_HOME refer to JDK 32 bits OR X86


    29.01.2011 , BYDAN
  • I have a problem that makes eclipse modeling helios SR2 with xtext 1.0.2, crash on startup if I have projects. If I try to update eclipse it crashes. When building workspace it crashes.

    – An internal error occurred during: „Workbench early startup“.
    java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space

    – !MESSAGE An internal error occurred during: „Contacting Software Sites“.
    java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space

    I am using windows 7, 64bits and jdk 1.6.0_25_b06 of 32bits and eclipse of 32 bits too.
    In 64 bits all, I have more problems.

    I tried configuring the eclipse .ini file but I haven’t found the correct parameters for memory configuration.

    I really need help with this issue.

    Thanks in advance.

    10.05.2011 , Me

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