Brace yourself, SUMMER is coming!

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Contrary to the Game of Thrones we are proud to announce: SUMMER is coming! We cannot deny that at Catalysts it is always fun and dynamic, but our interns are making the atmosphere even better! That is why for the last months we’ve been working hard to plan your internship and to make it an unforgettable experience!

Currently, we are counting 150 employees on three sites: Linz, Vienna and Cluj, and we will host more than 50 interns during the upcoming summer! How is that achievable? Isn’t it too much? No, not at all! As we like to say: be superior now, while intensively preparing for an even better tomorrow. We are expanding our abilities, while you are acquiring knowledge, some would say: WIN WIN situation! It often happens after an internship that we offer our interns a permanent position. As we prefer quality over quantity, there is no problem if you are available only for 20, 16 or even 8 hours a week, as long as we see motivation in you to contribute to our team!

Our goal is to provide interesting and challenging work to all our interns – hoping to receive positive feedback after the internship or, even better, long lasting relationships, therefore, we are carefully planning activities for every intern. Each one of you, future Cats, will get their own coach and a “real” project. Although observation of someone else’s work routine is sometimes necessary, our primary goal is to include you, to listen to your ideas, and to grow together with you! The IT sector allows for a very diverse age range: It is interesting to have in one room people from 15 to well above 50, generation Z and generation X, solving problems shoulder to shoulder!

One of the most interesting ways of how you can join us is the already famous Catalysts Coding Contest! No worries, it is not a trial by combat! Look at this contest as a great way to understand your position among other IT experts, and to realize what your strengths and weaknesses are. As a reward, the best ones will be offered an internship. Trust us, after this experience vacation during the summer will only be your second plan in the future. 😉

And what about winter activities? If you prefer building your experience and knowledge with us over skiing (on mostly snow-less slopes, let’s face it), no worries, we have already started planning all your winter activities at Catalysts! Yours is only to apply, or to contact our lovely HR people, and they will provide you with all necessary information:

In case you are interested to look for our open positions, click here!

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